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Rikku is really a name of a character from the popular video game series Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, but has been uh... "borrowed" as an alias for a girl who is a member of Real Spira. Square Enix would most probably like to sue each and every member of Real Spira, but seeing as though they don't claim to own anything Square Enix made, they figure they should be safe. Hopefully.


The Basics

Real Spira's Rikku, "FFX" Style.

Real Name: Sharon-Ann
Nicknames: Sharii, Da Hypaa
Favorite Color: Purple
Date of Birth: July 24, 1984
Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Leo cusp; most people see Leo, but a select few can discern Cancer traits as well.
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Nationality: American with a high Melanin content, aka black or African American.
Spirituality: Daoist
Dreams: Tai Chi Quan master, Chinese Language professor

The Other Stuff

Guan Yu's purple-haired poser.

She was born 2 months premature in Detroit, Michigan.
She tends to be hyper, obnoxious, loud, and silly.
She is a first-class procrastinator but somehow manages to get stuff done without major disaster.
She loves sleep. Once she slept for 24 straight hours and was perfectly happy.
She finds telephones to be slightly annoying, which may be the reason why she is horrible about returning missed phone calls.
She dislikes going to the doctor because she hates needles, and every time she goes it's never because she's ill so the whole appointment is viewed as a waste of her time.
Racial barriers infuriate and disgust her, so thus she tends to ignore and cross those boundaries as she pleases.
She feels that being politically correct is facetious, so often she goes out of her way to say or do outlandish things that will make people purposely uncomfortable.
She has spent 300+ hours on FFX.
She has spent 400+ hours on FFX-2.

"FFX-2" style... with extra Technicolor.

She used to be afraid of video games when she was smaller due to her older brother being an inhuman gaming machine. She broke that phobia by the time she and her brother jointly acquired a Playstation.
She learned Japanese before moving on to Mandarin Chinese, and in her opinion is horrible at both languages despite the fact that she loves them.
She is definitely a warm weather person, but she loves watching snow fall.
Her mother is more outlandish in behavior than Rikku is.
She has a borderline unhealthy obession with Sephiroth and is not ashamed to admit it.
She dislikes flourescent lights and prefers softer lighting if and when at all possible, i.e. lava lamps, christmas lights, rope lights, candles.
Most of her music collection consists of many songs from the very large Electronica genre. Within that genre she tends to favor Vocal Trance, Trance, D&B, and a bit of Progressive.
She refuses to listen to Country music.
Her iPod is her lifeline. If you see her with her headphones on, it is best to leave her be unless it is a life or death situation.
Her hair has been every color in the rainbow, both respectively and all at once.
She knows enough about synthetic hair extensions to rival one who has been professionally trained in the art, but does not have the hands-on experience she wants.
She owns two Lisa Frank jackets that she still wears to this day, weather permitting.
Victoria's Secret Rivera Sun fragrance is her all-time favorite.
She is addicted to Cherry Chap Stick.
She met Wakka in high school, Yuna, Paine, Kimahri, and Auron in college.
Insects = her doom. Raid = her solution.

Tea, Chopsticks, and a Rikku.

She is obsessed with Chinese culture, which started with her discovery of the Three Kingdoms era through the video game Dynasty Warriors 4.
Shu is her favorite clan; she favors Ma Chao, but has been jokingly referred to by Peimin Ni as Guan Yu's reincarnation.
She has studied abroad in both Shanghai, China and Taipei, Taiwan.
Taipei, Taiwan is her second home.
She would very much like Vaness Wu to be her boyfriend. But she also knows that has a 99.9% chance of never happening. :(
She loves Tai Chi Quan. She has learned the 24-Yang, 56-Chen, 103-Yang, 42-Yang empty hand forms, and also has learned or is in the process of learning Fan Form and Short Staff.
She learned about Tai Chi Quan from Lei Fang of DOA2.
The first game system that she bought solely for herself is the PS2.
She bought a Dreamcast and traveled all the way to the Mall of America just for a copy of the discontinued Dead or Alive 2 video game.
She wants to learn Bagua and other forms of wushu.
She owns the entire series and movies of the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon without shame, and also has all of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
She is easily amused, but isn't too keen on toilet humor.
She is very bad at writing about herself.

A Video Game Addict

Rikku's first Final Fantasy game was most certainly FFX. However, she was no stranger to gaming prior to that fateful moment she discovered FFX. She enjoyed a few PC games such as Final Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and SimCity 2000. She grew up on fighting games due to her admiration and slight fangirling of her older brother of 12 years, since that was one of the main ways she was able to connect with him.
Rikku's love for video gaming is strong but extremely selective. Primarily centering around the Sony Playstation and Playstation 2 console systems, she created her own haven of video gaming.

(the following lists of games aren't inclusive because Rikku probably forgot some, but she did the best she could going by memory)

Playstation Games

Playstation 2 Games

Games Rikku owns and has beaten solo

Games the Gullwings or just Rikku and Wakka have played in a group effort

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